Meet Angely Rojas

Angely Rojas was born in Dominican Republic and raised in New York City. During her High School years she was heavily involved in sports such as Track & Field, Cross-Country and National Physical Fitness teams, always placing as a top athlete in the nation. She continued being active and involved in Track during college. Although she was always very active, she didn’t eat the healthiest. It wasn’t until she had graduated college and finally started working in corporate America, sitting all day, and was no longer physically active.. she started to gain a bit of weight. Her skin was breaking out, she felt sluggish, fatigued, and very unhealthy in overall (just like her eating habits). She realized that her energy levels and metabolism were no longer the same and that she was letting herself go.  She was tired of feeling this way and decided to immediately make a lifestyle change. She really wanted to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, to look and feel good long term. At the time, Angely was also expanding her nutrition business and felt that she should lead by example by working on her health. Little did she know that with that decision she would inspire so many people through her journey and even compete in fitness today. Angely started her healthy journey in 2013, and she was documenting all her progress and journey via her social media platforms. As many were inspired by her, she was also inspired by all the support she was getting, and kept going. As a result, in 2014 she decided to sign up for her first Bikini bodybuilding competition, which was in Dominican Republic. She competed in that first show and won. She was more motivated than ever. From there she kept working on her fitness goals and continued competing. Along the way she got some amazing sponsors who believed in her, and started supporting her journey. Angely continued competing locally, nationally and internationally.  In total, she has competed in over 20 shows since then, with 14 wins under her belt, and 4 Bikini Overall Champion Titles. In 2017 she earned her Pro Card and became an IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete.
Today, she’s an Entrepreneur, a Health Coach  and Co-Owner of Team Works Fitness, guiding many women to compete and to live a healthy lifestyle. Last but not least, she is also the Founder of the AR30 Challenge™. This is her personally designed program to help females from all levels to reach their fitness goals, in a fun, motivating and effective method. This challenge has been a positive impact to hundreds of participants in very little time. Her goal is to continue growing this community by helping and empowering women worldwide, not only in fitness but in other areas as well.

About the AR30

The AR30 Challenge it’s a 30 days fitness challenge created by Angely Rojas. This program is to help females like yourself to work on your fitness goals in a healthy and sustainable way. The main goal is to make it fun, empowering, and to educate you to build a healthy lifestyle longterm. The AR30 will also connect you with a community of amazing women with similar goals to keep you motivated all along!